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Trojans And Trojanettes, January 6, 1954

Carver Heights High School head coach Boys Basketball Hubert O. Dabney.
By Olivia Crawford
News Of Negro Activities
Leesburg Commercial
January 6, 1954

The first game of the year and they won it! The Trojans and Trojanettes were victorious over Chisolm High of New Smyrna. The game began at 8:15 p.m. and the girls were off to a good start. They were in the lead all the way. At the half the score was 24-15 in favor of the Trojanettes. When the whistle blew the score was in our favor, 39-27. The girls should be commended for the terrific game which they played.

Immediately after the girls' game, the boys game began. (And all of the holiday turkey and other goodies didn't stop them either for they played well all the way.) They led in the first and second quarters. At  the half time the scores were 20-10 in favor of the Trojans. In the third quarter the boys led and the game ended in a 41-20. They played all the way.

A complete victory for the Trojans and Trojanettes was gained in this, their first games of the years.


Olivia Crawford
Excerpt News Of Negro Activities
Leesburg Commercial 
January 6, 1954

Olivia Crawford, 115 Mike Street, Leesburg, is the new Negro News correspondent for the Leesburg Commercial. She will accept items on Negro activities from the Leesburg area.

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